Hello, and thanks for your interest in our English Shepherds! 
Below you will find pictures of our four wonderful pups: Daisy, Kate, Duke, & Clyde. 
We are passionate about the preservation of this heritage breed that, though once was the most common dog in America, is now considered rare. For a wonderful description of the breed, visit: http://www.englishshepherd.org/english-shepherds-are.html
Feel free to call or use the Contact form on this site to request more information, or to be added to our list and notified when another litter is on the way! 
*Our list operates as "first call/first serve," and placement on the list does NOT guarantee a puppy immediately!*
Daisy is a clear sable & white English Shepherd, and a most beloved pet to our family. She has such an amazing presence and always seems to know the right move to make. She is confident and very calm natured. Beyond patient with our three young children, she is especially fond of Grant, our 4 year old son. She sensed from the beginning that she was to be "his girl," and they've stuck together ever since. 
She is agile, and obedient. Biddable, but sure of herself as well. She learns quickly and adapts to situations readily. We love having a farm dog tough enough to turn a 300 lb pig that has escaped, yet gentle enough to share her food with our free-range flock of laying hens. Wise enough to hunt for rats, yet tenderly pass by tiny kittens. English Shepherds LOVE to know the rules and diligently follow them, and Daisy is no exception.
Daisy is fully registered with the ESCR. For more information on this incredible breed, visit http://www.englishshepherd.org/breed-info.html
Kate is our other beautiful English Shepherd girl, and she is the "guardian" of the farm. She has a strong, deep bark and is the first to alert us to a stranger pulling in the driveway! She has never shown ANY aggression (biting, baring her teeth, etc.) toward a stranger, but she has intimidated several visiting salesman from lingering at the door too long. :) She has a sharp ear and we can tell from her demeanor whether a car passing down our gravel road in the night is a neighbor, a delivery truck, or a stranger!
She is very calm and exceptionally biddable...a total sweetheart!! Carefully observant, she watches all of the happenings with a sharp eye and comes to tell us if anything is out of place! She is especially fond of our young daughter (2 years old) and very patient with her antics. She is very "shadowy," and can be found trailing behind us everywhere from moving cows between pastures to putting away folded laundry, only stepping in to help when requested.
Kate was born in Kansas (Under the Rainbow English Shepherds) and comes from excellent lines. We are greatly anticipating her upcoming litter with Clyde and expecting pups with wonderful temperaments and qualities exemplary of the English Shepherd breed!
Kate is fully registered with the ESCR. For more information on this incredible breed, visit http://www.englishshepherd.org/breed-info.html
We were able to bring Duke home to our farm when he was about a year old, and he has been a total sweetheart every day since. He is very large framed, and a "gentle giant" all the way! He is protective of our farm and family and barks to let us know if anything is out of place or the norm, but he is also very friendly toward visitors. He is beginning to learn more about livestock and shows good potential for working ability. His best feature is his patience with the kiddos! He is completely submissive to all of them, even down to our 1 year old daughter.
Clyde spends most of his time at my parents farm and is a great balance between guard dog/great with the grandkids. They love having a dog that is both comfortable around toddlers and aggressive enough to kill intruders bothering the livestock! He is dual registered with the ESCR and the IESR (a division of the National Stock Dog Registry.) His sire is Kirchhoff's Clyde and dam is Bullard's Suzy. He is very thick-built and strong, but has an exceptionally submissive personality.

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